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[November 12, 2015 | you are SO Brave 2015 Tour: Mn. & LA!]

[November 12, 2015 | you are SO Brave 2015 Tour: Mn. & LA!]


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[Dearest twin cities & LA: you are wonderful for holding, laughing, building jokes, quiet, mourning. Bless the aches over tabletops & slow spoons. Thank you for the humility, for opening your heart time and time again to a wary stranger with his weird poems. My belly is humming so much with gratitude. I’m closer to trans justice, chosen family, ocean calling, collaborations, and care. Shouts to my bro fam longstanding, Elakshi Kumar. Big care & spoons to Kiyaan Abadani for all his uncanny spoon coordination. Yiming Sophia Swee for hosting home so amazingly, Andre Leneal Gardner being my fam light love, & Ezak Perez for grounding space in trans community to hold home & history.
[description: a brown round boi in patterns & fitted sips juice.]




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[Description: brown round #gendernonconforming boi with glasses performs poetry while sitting down. Their hair is spiky & they appear to have all the feels. Below them is their favorite gold & purple #malong.] #tbt to #GenderJusticeLA dopeness with trans & gnc #poc westcoast way. “Sit down & keynote: a sick brown trans reclamation.”



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[Description: a group of queer, transgender, black, indigenous, & people of color give saucy faces. They range in size, skin tone, gender, ability, & spirit.] University of Minnesota crowd brought this and it was glorious. Cc: Fayise Mohamed Ahmed Abrahim. — Calista AdeboyeTensae HailuKay Ulanday BarrettBree Zimmerman and Tori Hong.



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[Description: a group of #qtpoc pose for a group photo with various style, spirits, gender, size, & sexuality with serious grumpy faces.] Cc: KE MelendezJoshua KwanTumi Akin-DekoChantal Figueroa giving grimy. yooo when the qtpic campus org asks all the questions re: queer justice, #disability justice, children of migrant family perspectives, etc. Special thanks for my homes & fam, Elakshi Kumar for #carletoncollege support. Fam collaborations are the best. — with Joshua KwanTumi Akin-DekoKE Melendez and Chantal Figueroa.



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[Description: a #queer asian woman of color sits next to her child in a chinese restaurant. They sit at a table full of food.] This was my #midwest going away committee! Thanks Chong & Cherish for all the food, fly conversation, and patience! Cherish: I want to be a mermaid!! (pulls Chong’s hand towards giant fountain) Come with me, let’s go! Oh, Twin Cities how you swoon me with your foods & midwest family! 



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1) “You know, my gender swung from boi femme to ho femme.” 2) “Let’s talk about how this shit socially & legally informs ableism.” 3) “Bring me the deranged. Give it to me, but be accountable of that shit.” — Kiyaan Abadani.

This is the first face I see in LA. [Description: a fat queer irooni swana boi with black fitted & piercings wears various silver necklaces. He smiles in a restaurant.]  — with Kiyaan Abadani.



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via amitaswadhin we don’t need no filter. #SDQTPOC ???
Sick & Disabled Queer Transgender People of Color Dinner in LA!

June 23, 2015 | TPOC, Julio Salgado & Kay Ulanday Barrett in The Advocate!

June 23, 2015 | TPOC, Julio Salgado & Kay Ulanday Barrett in The Advocate!


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 5.35.56 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 5.35.40 PMRead full article here


Kay Ulanday Barrett, a Filipino writer who helped Salgado gather participation from many of the project’s subjects, agrees. “This project celebrates TPOC bodies and brilliance customarily erased in the LGBTQ mainstream,” they told The Advocate. “Our work and this project reminds us: migrant, black, disabled, fat, gender non-conforming, brown, and transfemme people run this shit and we must be honored daily.””