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[April 16, 2016 | Chicago re-cap: hometown sprang.]

[April 16, 2016 | Chicago re-cap: hometown sprang.]

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[Description: a brown round #boi sits with #floral patterned collared shirt & blazer near a #mic & mic stand. Behind them are an ASL interpreter & a black #cane.] #TBT to my performance at #depauluniversity last week with a packed house of #chitown peoples. Very Social thanks to @depaul_inclusion, LGBT Studies, & the English Dept. for their energy & generosity. | “A home filled with nothing but yourself. It’s heavy, that lightness. It’s crushing, that emptiness.” — Margaret Atwood.

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[Description: a brown round boi with glasses is being hugged by an older brown woman with glasses with a stripe vest. They are in a beautifully opulent #restaurant with #thai art, wood carvings.] This is cook & owner, Sue. She with her two sisters have had their restaurant #PSBangkok in the north side of Chicago for over 20+ years. In a world where every building has changed, every storefront switched awnings, they remain cooking food recipes from their homeland & childhood with integrity & poise. She’s seen me as an awkward gay teen, a bandana dawning dyke, & the #gendernonconforming trans person I am today. She says, “Finish this… Eat this with this sauce.. Button up your coat, it’s cold outside.” Sue looks down as she clenches my hands after I’ve eaten, “I’m not sure when my sisters and I will go back home, if we can afford to go at all. But it’s time.” We both hold a still pause. She’s also one of the rare people who talk with me about my mama and actually knew her. She’s my chosen fam auntie and we talk about old Chicago every chance we get. My belly and heart are so full! 


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[Description: a series of books in the women’s & gender studies section at my Chicago fave bookstore.] Captive Genders, Exile & Pride, Whipping Girl.

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[Description: a group of people ranging in gender, size, race, age, ability, pose for a selfie in front of a brick wall. They look marvelous.] Title: The bestest. Food & caring company. With the mentors, their child Cece, and family. My poetry, work, activism wouldn’t be anything without the people in this photo. I’ve grown from lovely powerful roots. When I was 17 & queer teeny & poor & needed support, the women in this photo helped educate & nourish me into the adult I’ve become. Every stanza & talk I give, comes from their lasting imprint. Thinking of you @doctressstory & @krisclemonsphd, how we got to grow politically with such love. 

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[Description: fried chicken wings & kimchi fries from Del Seoul.]

[April 14, 2016 |Heyyyy Chicago, DePaul University!]

[April 14, 2016 |Heyyyy Chicago, DePaul University!]

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Event tonight 6-730pm, Performance & Talk with food & refreshments sponsored by – DePaul University, Center for Social Inclusion, LGBT Studies, & the English Dept! Stop by scent-free & wheelchair accessible space, ASL interpretation offered. [Description: flyer of outlined brown round boi in purple, black, shows their silhouette. With name in pink “Kay Ulanday Barrett,” title in black “you are SO brave.”]
#qtpoc #gendernonconforming#transpeopleofcolor #qpoc #sdqtpoc
#youaresobrave16 #queerart #kayulandaybarrett #sickanddisabledqueers
#queerpoetry #QAPI #gaysian 
#queerchicago #spoonies

[April 1, 2016: Thanks UNITED Airlines & TSA– cissexism, transphobia, ableism]

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.26.32 PM [Description: a brown round boi with glasses has a sobbing face while boarded on a plane.]

At 935am, United a TSA agent asked me if I was “a male or female” when I quietly answered, “I’m male identified with female parts, I’m transgender, I use HE.(inadequate, but I’m spooned out & exhausted).” He looked at me puzzled and said “you have to be searched.” I was standing and without my cane. I stood waiting for agents as they decided who to search me & uncover the mystery of my being using “she” pronouns. Then after 8 minutes a skinny east Asian person likely my age, explained she’d be searching me–how & where & asked me if i had sensitive areas. she searched me with gloves extensively brushing against every part of my body twice. It was terrible as everyone misgendered me and repeatedly used “she” to describe me and speak about me. I’m super triggered & crying. I realize that being treated with dignity & respect by any transportation by the travel industrial complex is not realistic and in fact, almost always traumatic.

Happy #TDOV. I actually have travel, walkie, skinny, and skin shade privilege and that still doesn’t suport new when this happens. Thanks @United & TSA for being shaming, ableist, and trans antagonist and pinning two Asian people in an uncompromising situation.

P.s. trans, gnc, disabled, & those marginalized need the gift of teleportation. This is heinous for everybody. #sdqtpoc#transmenofcolor #cissexism #ableism#TSA #UnitedAirlines #ptsd #selfie

[March 23, 2016 | Performance @ Haverford College]

[March 23, 2016 | Performance @ Haverford College]

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[Description: an illustration by @rommyyy123 is on a purple flyer with bold letters that say, “Kay Ulanday Barrett” March 23-24, Haverford College. The design is in magenta, blue, and black.] What’s good Philly area?! Spring #youareSObrave16 tour takes me to you. I’m going to feature at #HaverfordCollege tonight and tomorrow, a workshop on ableism 101.


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[Description: a brown round boi with glasses and gray vest sits and performs in front of an audience silhouette.] Props to Hartford’s Women’s Center/@hcwomensctr for hosting me so gloriously & to @queerbrujx for all his coordination & planning magic.


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[Description: one brown #boi with #beard & glasses smiles holding a green poster with text & illustration. His arm is around a shorter brown round boi with glasses who wears a gray vest.] Joyful gratitude to @queerbrujxfor being marvelous (per usual) as fam and as a host at @hcwomensctr at #HaverfordCollege! Your energy radiates, supports, & collaborates in ways that are sheer blessings. Thank you for your insights & thanks to the women’s center for being an amazing audience & workshop crew. 



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[Description: brown round boi cane user wears a three piece #suitwith purple black patterned #bowtie & black leather #fitted hat. They wear an amethyst #crystal via @gyngerprynce.] #TransCrushTuesday? Me & my astrological forecast via @chaninicholas#Virgo – “Understanding the internal signals that get set off when life happens around us can help us to lead lives that are self-directed instead of being about simply surviving.”