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[March 3, 2016 | Keynote @ UC Riverside Trans* Asterisk Conference ]

[March 3, 2016 | Keynote @ UC Riverside Trans* Asterisk Conference ]

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Trans* Asterisk Conference proved to be amazing… and then a white person fucked it up. As it happens and happens too often. But before I touch on white supremacy at it again, I will say that TPOC and Trans People of Color show me such bountiful sweetness. I will say that SDQT love is a thriving marvelous critical place. I will finally say that I am thankful for everyone at UCR, Nancyjean for all her efforts in coordination, Toi for the food and logistical care, and Megan for getting us performers safely to the stage and to our homes.  Love to students DJ, Alix, & Cloud for taking such awesome care and tapping into legit access care all conference.

Now, with all Trans People of Color as features, plenary, and performers, it was something rejuvenating and illuminating. Jade Phoenix Martinez was a touching and riveting performer, channeling Trans women of color with honor and presence. Jennicet Eva Gutiérrez was a poignant speaker talking about the impact of US government on undocumented LGBTQ community, namely sharing reasons behind her action at the White House. My feature performance risked questions again on labor, productivity and ableism in our trans communities. The APIA Queer and Trans Caucus was a tender strategic space, where disability and mental disabilities, as well as anti-black racism, invisibility, and migrant issues. I was floored by the thoughtful conversations in the room. Last evening,  Jade Hambaro and Chella Isabel Marie Coleman wowed and impressed the crows with some savvy and Trans centered comedy via Peacock Rebellion. Their material made people deliciously uncomfortable and centered Trans Black and Brown women insights. Cue white person with dreadlocks. When a white person culturally appropriates Black culture, Black community have  right to respond and Brown POC community must support that. Dear white person: don’t come out your mouth and disrespect a Black person, especially Black Trans women when she critiques your embodied culture vulture behavior.

To the ‪#‎asteriskconference2016‬, thank you for this time, particularly the work of Trans & GNC People of Color that honor legacy of those before us & make movements to uplift our complex powerful communities beyond scarcity. Every workshop, caucus, lunch break, we mourned a loss, AND for every second we hold eachother comes a shift in this hateful world, comes bounty & beauty. It was an honor to show up for ‪#‎SDQTPOC‬ wobbly gnc poor nerdy community. We are the apocalypse! We will show up & through!

Over all, I genuinely felt cared for and loved reminded again that our communities are combatting cissexism in the world and in our own queer communities. Now, whiteness tries to take over everything, but Black Indigeous and POC are (and have) boundlessly shown grace and pivotal social, political, and cultural strategy. Never forget that. Thank you dear conference and wonderfully passionate students for these reminders. You keep me alive. You help me remember our trancestors and what I’m here to do.


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[Description: Two fat trans gnc queers, one white and one brown/black with glasses pose with a brown round boi in the sun.]


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[a trans asian (the innovative, Ryka Aoki) woman sitting on a stage hods a microphone
and wears glasses and purple, she’s talking and smiling.]