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July 8, 2015 | Asian American Writers’ Workshop FEATURE

July 8, 2015 | Asian American Writers’ Workshop FEATURE



From Asian American Writers’ Workshop:

Bummed that you missed the fireworks on the 4th of July? Don’t worry, we’ve got you – Mouth to Mouth Open Mic is back this Saturday with some crazy literary fireworks, featuring Jess X. Chen and Kay Ulanday Barrett! Bring your best prose or come to be inspired by others’ stories and songs!

Saturday, July 11 at 7pm. Open mic sign up at 6:30pm. RESERVE A SEAT NOW:

May 20, 2015 | Support Transgender Law Center & Southerners on New Ground (SONG)

May 20, 2015 | Support Transgender Law Center & Southerners on New Ground (SONG)


Please support the gender justice, Black leadership, and souther movement building y’all! Unity and solidarity make a…

Posted by Kay Ulanday Barrett on Thursday, May 21, 2015

“Please support the gender justice, Black leadership, and souther movement building y’all! Unity and solidarity make a movement strong. On Give OUT Day, any national prize grants received by Southerners on New Ground or Transgender Law Center will be split 50/50. You can support TLC here: and SONG here: Their work is moments, vital, and amazing. Funding these organizations deliberately builds Transgender, Black, People of Color, and Southern communities closer to justice! Thanks to fam, Ola Osaze for your work and reminders for this.”  Give directly here.

January 29, 2015 | Rest in Peace Jessie


 artwork by Rommy Torrico

I’m going to say this once & I’m speaking as a brown boi, as a former AG/stud/butch now as a transmasculine gender non-conforming american-born disabled adult. I’m not Latino. I’m not Black. I’m light skinned Brown & mixed race Pin@y. I don’t know Jesse Hernandez personally at all. This is all terrible & unfair & again enraged by the terror of this police state. This might be my mercury in retrograde voice in full effect:
1) I’m noticing far too many cis gender conforming white & POC, who are quick to saying ‪#‎JesseHernandez‬‘s murder didn’t have to do with gender or sexuality or race. That it was because she/they were perceived as a cis straight man of color. So, race & brownness somehow TRUMPS gender and sexuality. Or because they were a perceived lgbtq youth, no racial dynamics at all? This is divide & conquer. Stop.

2) I’m noticing a juxtaposition of cis black and brown men’s lives like, “Jesse was perceived as a POC dude, so violence.” Violence happens to QTPOC everyday, gender checks/profiling are connected to racial profiling is connected to classism, is connected to ability, is connected to citizenship status & policing, is connected to size, is connected to religious affiliations, and in no particular order. It happens frequently & disastrously.

3) Do we have to compare & equate queer brown masculine boi, butch, AG, or gender non-conforming lives to cis straight ones to be fought for? To be desired? To be celebrated? To be mourned? To be valid?

4) Cis straight gender conforming white & POC people need to stop treating all QTPOC identities as mutually exclusive. Stop. Guess what, all parts of identities are considered resistance & in effect, targets. It happens all at once when people are being policed & eradicated. To minimize that oversimplifies lives, our movements, & deeply underestimates how much the state, this empire is at war with obliterating us, obliterating those that don’t conform to american white able-bodied straight cis wealthy class.

4.5) if someone thinks otherwise, they are mistaken. The consequences for this mistake are grave.

5) Rest in power, dear one. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

6) I’m using *she/they* because I’m not sure what your pronouns are. You look like my fam, my students, my homies, the folks I grew up with, the community I still share poems with. All with your fitteds, sideway smirks, proud selfies, and irrevocable steez. You probably had crushes, talked shit, drove around with friends for peace of mind, had loving & difficult moments with teachers & parents, had a charmingly shy laugh. You deserved those things. To be who you are. You deserve more.

To kick off my tour this month…

To kick off my tour this month…

[Description: three various bois/transmasculine/gender queer people with an array of brownness and blackness stand together. They have various dapper & styled aesthetics. They reach have cute smily faces.]

To kick off my tour this month, I was hosted by Jourdan (left) & Maya (right) yesterday at Columbia University’s Queer Awareness Month’s Opening Reception! Not in the photo is Jess, an awesome undergrad who also organized the event!!! I had such a wonderful time talking on whiteness, anti-black racism, #disabilityjustice, diasporic longing, & more! After my keynote, people were incredibly welcoming with thoughtful questions and even more conversation, we were kicked out the venue!
— with Jourdan Sayers and @Maya Nikki Glover

— with Kay Ulanday Barrett and 2 others.

“The #dapperQs of Instagram”

“The #dapperQs of Instagram”

Some sweetly timed sweet dealings with the likes of  dapperQ and the amazing #DisabiltySolidarity conversation on Twitter. Do check out some on-point ideas from the likes of Lydia Brown and Stacy Milbern. Such blessing to even virtually be in such company.

Decolonize this loneliness and isolation from the able-bodied ways, son! White supremacy lays down too deep in our crip beds and on our brown bodies. We’re worthwhile, I keep trying to convince myself, I keep reading such astounding people and honoring work of people like those in Sins Invalid.  I keep breathing my exasperated sighs into the cusps of my loves who get pain or who rock with me when it’s passed midnight or my joints scrape to the grooves of rock salt. Remember, dear ones (& dear self), our bodies are our own homes and we can expand and expel as needed. Let’s expel that white supremacist and bootstrap dissection of us. Let’s do it with glory together. Let’s do tree psalms and the keen flagrance of the sky when clouds move reminding us we to be powerfully humble. Let’s be bated breaths in syringes, wheelchair shifting, blade slicing, madness climbing our skulls. Let’s be beyond those expectations we were never asked to help create.



Read quotes featured on Disability Visibility Project with tweet awesomeness from brown boi,
Kay Ulanday Barrett. His excerpt: “Everybody wants a disabled, queer, POC in their photos/PR,
but they don’t want to address our work, lives, justice.” #DisabilitySolidarity #sdqrealness#sickanddisabledqueers #nosingleissueliving
[thanks to Ki’tay Davidson for curating such needed conversation on #qtpoc &#poc
disabled/sick/mad/crip perspectives! #disabilityjustice]

Read the full story here:




[Description: on the top of the panel black text reads, “The #dapperQs of Instagram”.
Below shows a smirking brown boi with black glasses, wearing a fedora & purple striped bowtie.Thanks to the fabulous @anitadolcevita for the flyness & support always. Shouts to