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[January 25, 2016 |100 Hummingbirds, a short film.]

[January 25, 2016 |100 Hummingbirds, a short film.]

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[Description, a series of six photos illustrate brown and black queer and/or migrant people
of color posing individually in sunny climates like desserts or outside colorful murals.
A few photos include a platter of tacos and a crew shot filming in a dimly lit bedroom.]

Get in & get your heart:

I’m in LA acting in a new film! In less than three days I have ventured into drawers with
calling cards reaching and racing, pause then flash forward to the Mojave desert.
Here’s to QTPOC making their own paths. Here’s to indescribable artistic process
that doesn’t have to be competitive, but all for the message & hopefully for
the crafted stories of our range of people.

There’s something innately cinematic about the desert, but watching a beaming sun
then dip and drape into the night sky, the world felt vast. Velvet orange and reads and pinks.
I’m working on a project written & co-directed by artist wonder, Jess X. Chen and
powerful co-director, Jarrett Key. I’m in a cast with beautiful poet & cultural worker,
Sonia Guiñansaca. That’s it. 

It’s a love story, but isn’t it always? At the intersections of migration and love, it’s a
queer story for us brown folks and migrants who keep longing and searching. I am
learning more and more each day, I am learning that no path or heart wave is linear.
We wobble, we pain, we take a break, we pursue, we long for our truest connections.

100 Hummingbirds is a film, I cannot wait to share more about. I promise you one thing,
we’re fucking up the picture of what love looks like in this empire. We’re shaping
stories that are at the cavity of chests that have long been beating and believing.

[ January 22, 2016 | Filming 100 Hummingbirds w/  Jess X. Chen]

[ January 22, 2016 | Filming 100 Hummingbirds w/ Jess X. Chen]







So tremendously honored to be casted and acting in a short film by Jess X. Chen! 72 hours i LA and that means desert shots, intimate bedroom spooning out, and so many tacos! what wonder it is to work and collaborate with QTPOC and disabled community. It is already so beautiful and I cannot wait for the world to witness this new artwork!

via the marvelous poet, & artist force, Jess X. Chen:
“Sitting next to two of my favorite activists/poets and cuties in the world @thesoniag and @brownroundboi (the actors) after a directing workshop with @jar.key and myself. The magical queer migrant love short film is in process in Los Angeles and I’m so humbled and moved. We are shooting today and tomorrow in Hollywood (LOL) and the Mohave desert. I am so grateful to everyone who has come out to support the creation and conception of this journey. Let’s bring queer people of color, disabled trans people of color, queer migrants and their vibrant dreaming to the big screen! #QPOC #jessxchen #soniaguinansaca#kaybarrett #film #actress
 — with Kay Ulanday Barrett and Sonia Guiñansaca in Los Angeles, California.”

[January 19, 2016 | Beyond A Dream – Feature & Workshop Highline College]

[January 19, 2016 | Beyond A Dream – Feature & Workshop Highline College]

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