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[February 3, 2016 | Top Surgery & Gender Affirmation, K stylez.]

[February 3, 2016 | Top Surgery & Gender Affirmation, K stylez.]

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  • brownroundboi [Description: a brown round boi with glasses wears a hospital gown before his top surgery. They take a selfie. ]

    On my way to my gender affirmation surgery!!! Many feelings of nervousness , excitement, worry and joy. 
    Before she asks me my name or what surgery I’m having, before she watches the slope of a signature, the nurse asks me where I’m from, am I from the Philippines? When I answer ‘yes, my family is’ semi-formally in Tagalog, her face perks up. More questions– do I have any more piercings? Where’s your family from? What language do you speak? Lastly, she reads paperwork after clearing her throat, the syllables like an assured announcement: ‘FTM top surgery…’ From this she looks up & smiles with a ‘please sign here.’ In my gown, as beeping & footsteps hum in the background, I give my chest a pep talk, an (un)grateful farewell. it’s not a talking to, just resolution. It’s a basic goodbye. The kind of honorable
    glare you give a worthy opponent, a cordial enemy, a family member you acknowledge between battles where love isn’t exactly the word you’d ever use. To long-awaited pivots of the body & spirit! To my sweet care team in FL., bae 
    @thesoniag, homey @cheffresh82 , & fam on call, @whatsmanishdoing . Thank you @aemiliusmilo_ramirez for holding me, for @rommyyy123 being on dog uncle committee, @gelenifontaine for medicine & daily affirmations. Thank you to every person who posted, donated, sent intentions, & care my way. Community uplift & interdependence are real. I’m getting a surgery I actually deserve! Soon, dear body: we’ll be something more familiar & maybe even surprising? Yes, let’s do this….
    #qtpoc #transmanofcolor #sdqtpoc #artist#kstopsurgery
    #gendernonconforming#garramone #ftm

[January 25, 2016 |100 Hummingbirds, a short film.]

[January 25, 2016 |100 Hummingbirds, a short film.]

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[Description, a series of six photos illustrate brown and black queer and/or migrant people
of color posing individually in sunny climates like desserts or outside colorful murals.
A few photos include a platter of tacos and a crew shot filming in a dimly lit bedroom.]

Get in & get your heart:

I’m in LA acting in a new film! In less than three days I have ventured into drawers with
calling cards reaching and racing, pause then flash forward to the Mojave desert.
Here’s to QTPOC making their own paths. Here’s to indescribable artistic process
that doesn’t have to be competitive, but all for the message & hopefully for
the crafted stories of our range of people.

There’s something innately cinematic about the desert, but watching a beaming sun
then dip and drape into the night sky, the world felt vast. Velvet orange and reads and pinks.
I’m working on a project written & co-directed by artist wonder, Jess X. Chen and
powerful co-director, Jarrett Key. I’m in a cast with beautiful poet & cultural worker,
Sonia Guiñansaca. That’s it. 

It’s a love story, but isn’t it always? At the intersections of migration and love, it’s a
queer story for us brown folks and migrants who keep longing and searching. I am
learning more and more each day, I am learning that no path or heart wave is linear.
We wobble, we pain, we take a break, we pursue, we long for our truest connections.

100 Hummingbirds is a film, I cannot wait to share more about. I promise you one thing,
we’re fucking up the picture of what love looks like in this empire. We’re shaping
stories that are at the cavity of chests that have long been beating and believing.

[October 3, 2015 | Remembering Skylar]

[October 3, 2015 | Remembering Skylar]

May 20, 2015 | Support Transgender Law Center & Southerners on New Ground (SONG)

May 20, 2015 | Support Transgender Law Center & Southerners on New Ground (SONG)


Please support the gender justice, Black leadership, and souther movement building y’all! Unity and solidarity make a…

Posted by Kay Ulanday Barrett on Thursday, May 21, 2015

“Please support the gender justice, Black leadership, and souther movement building y’all! Unity and solidarity make a movement strong. On Give OUT Day, any national prize grants received by Southerners on New Ground or Transgender Law Center will be split 50/50. You can support TLC here: and SONG here: Their work is moments, vital, and amazing. Funding these organizations deliberately builds Transgender, Black, People of Color, and Southern communities closer to justice! Thanks to fam, Ola Osaze for your work and reminders for this.”  Give directly here.

March 30, 2015 | Color of Violence 4 (recap)

March 30, 2015 | Color of Violence 4 (recap)

part 1: a photo show.

listed below are an array of photos that exhibit QTPOC brilliance in a range of
size, shape, skin shade, spirit, abilities, and genders. thanks to COV4 and all
the ways that it stretched and enhanced such down good community.

MARCH 29, 2015: journal entry
first day of ‪#‎COV4‬: my cell phone is disconnected; hugs that have lasted a decade; canes clicking chorus; power naps with novelas; breaking down & undoing the carceral language that lives in us; too many pople saying the word, “lame”; arm and arm links with caring intentions; access intimacy that comes with carne asada taco delivery, SDQTPOC poolside karaoke time; scooter share & scooter mishaps; medicine check ins; doing more than theory when undoing empire; holding on to sacred objects– shells, stuffed animals, deep breaths; questioning how brownness takes up space; questioning simplification/competition of femme v. masculine; thinking about disability justice beyond the talk but in our daily choices, lives, & infrastructure; appreciation for fruit smoothies, black/brown diaspora with the loudest patterns reaching for the ancestors; feeling like your ghosts are watching; gendering & racialiization of the body with policing; such pride for chi-town holding’ it down INCITE-style; the dearest smirks from people you are politically/spiritually in love with even from across a ballroom; workshop at noon, so soon!


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.00.08 AM
[Olympia Perez & Sasha Alexander, fiery Black Trans community who founded Black Trans Media. Both are writers and organizers dedicated to Black Trans community in NYC. Love to them and their words that I am so blessed to share a microphone with!]
[Description: a group of queer, transgender, black, brown, and mixed race community homies pose for a photobooth by @glittergutsy/#glitterguts at INCITE #cov4. They range in gender, skin shade, size, ability, and style but all identify as #sdqtpoc.] Cripped out & spooned out steez goes a little something like this… @samanthaleeonna, @aemiliusmilo_ramirez, @naimalowe, & @lakshmiintheworld — add us on instagram! #sdqlove









Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.58.05 AM
[Ejeris Dixon, is my homes. Very few people get my adoration of home cooked food, 90’s R&B jams, and the need for organizational systems. Founding Director at Vision Change Win Consulting and previously worked at AVP & ALP, it was so good to be in Chicago with this fam. Thanks for your check ins, support, and brilliance on the closing panel, “Transformative Justice/Community Accountability Roundtable.” So much spirit and heart healing for our communities needs to happen and I’m grateful to have you there every movement of the way.]
[“Transformative Justice/Community Accountability Roundtable” with wonderful ones: Soniya Munshi • Alisa Bierria • Ejeris Dixon • Kiyomi Fujikawa • Mimi Kim • Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha • Clarissa Rojas • Aishah Shahidah Simmons • Andy Smith]
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.00.50 AM
[This is brilliant thinker, activist, and friend emi koyama’s dog, Adrie. emi is a critical thinker, was doing work with disability and access, intersex, sex worker’s rights, and fatness before any of us knew what a website was. Her work has been pivotal in ways that engage feminism and trans rights, plus she has really dope zines on PTSD, trauma, coping and service animals. Adrie is my dog Cornbread’s touring and political comrade. LOL. Was so lovely to hang out with the both of you and thanks for sharing food, spoons and love while I was sick. See her work at]

[Description: a black femme queer with bright fuschia hair and black clothing smiles. A brown round boi with bowtie and vest smirks boastfully.] . . Such love for this organizer & healer, from Chicago freedom school, Dyke march, and real #chosenfam. As she put it, “we’ve seen all the things!” When i miss #Chicago, i miss this one. Thanks for all your spirit, time, beauty, & wisdom for #COV4. #qtpoc #qpoc #qtpocsupremacy #chitown































Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.59.41 AM
[Description: a black & white selfie with a brown round boi with glasses and hat to the left & a brown queer latina with shoulder length hair to the right. Both have facial piercings. Both are making sassy/gritty faces.] . Making performance/art daydreams! Making fun of lgbt PRIDE! Sharing photos of our respective animal companions (chippy + cornbread)! “It would be weirdo punk short people having the most emotional show ever. Crazy punks with a lot of feelings.” — @gremlingrrrl/Cristy C. Road. #soundsaccurate #shortbrownqueerfeels #cov4 #qtpoc #sickanddisabledqueers #sdqtpoc #qtpocsupremacy #qpoc #previously





























































Bitch Media Contribution

Bitch Media Contribution

—November 19, 2013—

Check Out Our Brand New Food Issue!

Bitch HQ post by Kjerstin Johnson on November 19, 2013 – 5:16pm;

four pics

It’s that time of the year again… time for the new print issue of Bitch magazine! This winter, our long-awaited Food issue is hitting mailboxes and and newsstands around the world. (Not hitting yours? Subscribe today!)

We’re so excited to share this issue with you (so excited that in Portland we’re throwing a party—and you’re invited!). We’ve got 80 pages filled with tasty morsels: from celebrity chef TV, to art so good you could eat it, to the politics of the food labor movement. There’s a lot to sink your teeth into, and we’ve posted a few articles online to get you interested.

Soleil Ho shares a personal essay about cultural appropriation and cuisine in “Craving the Other.” Activist and spoken word poet Kay Ulanday Barrett shares his thoughts on how food can build community in “Food from the Cusps.” We’ve got an interview with the hilarious Samantha Irby, who discusses her new book Meaty in “Eating Out.” We’ve got a discussion of the bitter-tasting sexism of the specialty coffee industry,“Steamed Up.” And last but not least, Lindsay Zoladz delves into the 1960s teen girl group She.