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[ February 27, 2017 | Performance & Workshop: Williams College!]

[ February 27, 2017 | Performance & Workshop: Williams College!]


FEATURE: Kay Ulanday Barrett
Kay Ulanday Barrett
is coming to Williams! On March 1st, at 4:30pm, Kay and the Office of Accessible Education will be hosting a panel in Griffin 3 speaking to disability and access at Williams and beyond, the specific ways these experiences and structural histories affect queer/trans people, people of color, and low-income folks. This is an event that will speak critically to ableism here and elsewhere, and provides ways to learn and improve our own communities. 

Access Notes: Please refrain from wearing any type of scent to the event, including perfumes, colognes, and scented detergent. The event will be a scent-free space. If you or anyone attending the event has access needs you would like accommodated, please contact Olivia Goodheart at

This event is generously co-sponsored by the Feminist Collective, the Dively Committee, the Davis Center, the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity, EComm, Williams Students with Disabilities, Queer Student Union, WGSS Department, Asian Studies, the English Department, Minority Coalition, the History Department, Comparative Literature, and the VP of Campus Life.

[September 12, 2016: Now Booking | Fall 2016 -Winter 2017]

[September 12, 2016: Now Booking | Fall 2016 -Winter 2017]




What’s good fall & winter?! Let’s get into it, shall we? Eastcoast & Midwest, #whenthechantcomes is on the way to you– please book me for talks, performances, workshops, & keynotes! Wobble with me na.  #gendernonconforming #qtpoc#spoonie #queerpoets #transpoc #queer#queerandbrown #sdqtpoc #transgenderart
[description: in a photo a brown round queer with glasses looks to the left. Bold purple text reads KAY ULANDAY BARRETT & beneath is white text with date/time/event info. In bright pink bold text reads, NOW BOOKING 2016-2017.] photo by JESS X SNOW.

[ August 10, 2016: Sogumi, Shalforoosh, Marciano, Barrett]

[ August 10, 2016: Sogumi, Shalforoosh, Marciano, Barrett]

Shouts out to Berl’s Poetry Shop and for an incredible set of poets of color and women
sharing their guts and moxy. I had a lovely time and was so thankful to celebrate
my night before surgery performing poetry!


[July 2-3, 2016: SET ON FREEDOM, Artist Retreat | Queens Museum]

[July 2-3, 2016: SET ON FREEDOM, Artist Retreat | Queens Museum]

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.20.57 AM

Dearest ones!

Set On Freedom Arts Retreat at @QueensMuseum. What a brilliant first retreat! Today is going to be on fire working with #peopleofcolor & #Qtpoc artists doing their the damn thang! What a blessed time to connect with such amazing people in artistic process. With Orlando, the shock and loss of so many Black & Latinx Queer & Trans community, the ache of our artistic spaces

being uprooted, with global pain and attacks, with trans women of color being murdered more & more this 2016; this is what we deserved.  Thank you so much to my co-faclitators Silvia, Thanu, Simone?!, & Dominique for working on this 3-month long process that carved out necessary salve for space, reflection, sharing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.21.37 AM

Subjects embodied/discussed:
transmisogyny & misogyny in working with theater/industrial/ spaces, what ways does depression & grief breathe in every creation you make?, white gaze on our brown & black art, how does tokenization isolate and maybe even profit us?, in what ways does class access to materials & resources shape our art, how do we remain of community & with integrity as we create/collaborate?, how do we bridge what we do with our families & communities that may not embrace our art/politics/gender/sexuality?, how do diasporic & migrant artists maintain home in their art space?, what does chronic pain & PTSD trauma do with you art & access to artistic practice? what ways can we pool resources for grants, studio space, community engagement?, if you can imagine yourself as an ancestor in the making, what ways will art uplift your world?

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.56.08 AM

[Description: to the left, a brown round boi with glasses & to right, a black trans femme with glasses both smile in a selfie.] Tenderness & gratitude to be able to witness the the shine of @venusselenite! Support her work & by her new book, Trigger! Go to

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.21.52 AM


[ June 26, 2016: Trans Day of Action, NYC.]

[ June 26, 2016: Trans Day of Action, NYC.]


Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.22.21 AM


[Description: 1) a brown round queer as gnc person holds a colorful placard on a orange & purple floral malong. They have a MCS mask on and are holding their cane as they sit. It is very sunny on a park bench. 2) three trans & gnc brown people sit on a bench during #tdoa2016. They range in size, style, gender, skin shade, & spirit & still oddly have similar hairstyles. To the left, @gelenifontaine wears a stripped green & blue shirt with placard, “Honor Sick & #Disabled Trans & #Queer People of Color.” In the middle, @amitaswadhin wears a black T-shirt that reads “Demilitarize the Police.” I wear a placard “Brown Trans Disabled Liberation #sdqtpoc” & hold my cane.]
To fam, to trans & gnc #spoonies of color! #qtpoc #gendernonconforming #tdoa #transpeopleofcolor #nyc #transdayofaction #qpoc #sickanddisabledqueers #demilitarizepride

[April 16, 2016 | Chicago re-cap: hometown sprang.]

[April 16, 2016 | Chicago re-cap: hometown sprang.]

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.38.03 AM

[Description: a brown round #boi sits with #floral patterned collared shirt & blazer near a #mic & mic stand. Behind them are an ASL interpreter & a black #cane.] #TBT to my performance at #depauluniversity last week with a packed house of #chitown peoples. Very Social thanks to @depaul_inclusion, LGBT Studies, & the English Dept. for their energy & generosity. | “A home filled with nothing but yourself. It’s heavy, that lightness. It’s crushing, that emptiness.” — Margaret Atwood.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.41.25 AM

[Description: a brown round boi with glasses is being hugged by an older brown woman with glasses with a stripe vest. They are in a beautifully opulent #restaurant with #thai art, wood carvings.] This is cook & owner, Sue. She with her two sisters have had their restaurant #PSBangkok in the north side of Chicago for over 20+ years. In a world where every building has changed, every storefront switched awnings, they remain cooking food recipes from their homeland & childhood with integrity & poise. She’s seen me as an awkward gay teen, a bandana dawning dyke, & the #gendernonconforming trans person I am today. She says, “Finish this… Eat this with this sauce.. Button up your coat, it’s cold outside.” Sue looks down as she clenches my hands after I’ve eaten, “I’m not sure when my sisters and I will go back home, if we can afford to go at all. But it’s time.” We both hold a still pause. She’s also one of the rare people who talk with me about my mama and actually knew her. She’s my chosen fam auntie and we talk about old Chicago every chance we get. My belly and heart are so full! 


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.41.07 AM

[Description: a series of books in the women’s & gender studies section at my Chicago fave bookstore.] Captive Genders, Exile & Pride, Whipping Girl.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.40.50 AM

[Description: a group of people ranging in gender, size, race, age, ability, pose for a selfie in front of a brick wall. They look marvelous.] Title: The bestest. Food & caring company. With the mentors, their child Cece, and family. My poetry, work, activism wouldn’t be anything without the people in this photo. I’ve grown from lovely powerful roots. When I was 17 & queer teeny & poor & needed support, the women in this photo helped educate & nourish me into the adult I’ve become. Every stanza & talk I give, comes from their lasting imprint. Thinking of you @doctressstory & @krisclemonsphd, how we got to grow politically with such love. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.45.34 AM

[Description: fried chicken wings & kimchi fries from Del Seoul.]

[February 3, 2016 | Top Surgery & Gender Affirmation, K stylez.]

[February 3, 2016 | Top Surgery & Gender Affirmation, K stylez.]

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.39.39 AM

  • brownroundboi [Description: a brown round boi with glasses wears a hospital gown before his top surgery. They take a selfie. ]

    On my way to my gender affirmation surgery!!! Many feelings of nervousness , excitement, worry and joy. 
    Before she asks me my name or what surgery I’m having, before she watches the slope of a signature, the nurse asks me where I’m from, am I from the Philippines? When I answer ‘yes, my family is’ semi-formally in Tagalog, her face perks up. More questions– do I have any more piercings? Where’s your family from? What language do you speak? Lastly, she reads paperwork after clearing her throat, the syllables like an assured announcement: ‘FTM top surgery…’ From this she looks up & smiles with a ‘please sign here.’ In my gown, as beeping & footsteps hum in the background, I give my chest a pep talk, an (un)grateful farewell. it’s not a talking to, just resolution. It’s a basic goodbye. The kind of honorable
    glare you give a worthy opponent, a cordial enemy, a family member you acknowledge between battles where love isn’t exactly the word you’d ever use. To long-awaited pivots of the body & spirit! To my sweet care team in FL., bae 
    @thesoniag, homey @cheffresh82 , & fam on call, @whatsmanishdoing . Thank you @aemiliusmilo_ramirez for holding me, for @rommyyy123 being on dog uncle committee, @gelenifontaine for medicine & daily affirmations. Thank you to every person who posted, donated, sent intentions, & care my way. Community uplift & interdependence are real. I’m getting a surgery I actually deserve! Soon, dear body: we’ll be something more familiar & maybe even surprising? Yes, let’s do this….
    #qtpoc #transmanofcolor #sdqtpoc #artist#kstopsurgery
    #gendernonconforming#garramone #ftm

[January 25, 2016 |100 Hummingbirds, a short film.]

[January 25, 2016 |100 Hummingbirds, a short film.]

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.15.21 AM

[Description, a series of six photos illustrate brown and black queer and/or migrant people
of color posing individually in sunny climates like desserts or outside colorful murals.
A few photos include a platter of tacos and a crew shot filming in a dimly lit bedroom.]

Get in & get your heart:

I’m in LA acting in a new film! In less than three days I have ventured into drawers with
calling cards reaching and racing, pause then flash forward to the Mojave desert.
Here’s to QTPOC making their own paths. Here’s to indescribable artistic process
that doesn’t have to be competitive, but all for the message & hopefully for
the crafted stories of our range of people.

There’s something innately cinematic about the desert, but watching a beaming sun
then dip and drape into the night sky, the world felt vast. Velvet orange and reads and pinks.
I’m working on a project written & co-directed by artist wonder, Jess X. Chen and
powerful co-director, Jarrett Key. I’m in a cast with beautiful poet & cultural worker,
Sonia Guiñansaca. That’s it. 

It’s a love story, but isn’t it always? At the intersections of migration and love, it’s a
queer story for us brown folks and migrants who keep longing and searching. I am
learning more and more each day, I am learning that no path or heart wave is linear.
We wobble, we pain, we take a break, we pursue, we long for our truest connections.

100 Hummingbirds is a film, I cannot wait to share more about. I promise you one thing,
we’re fucking up the picture of what love looks like in this empire. We’re shaping
stories that are at the cavity of chests that have long been beating and believing.

[ January 22, 2016 | Filming 100 Hummingbirds w/  Jess X. Chen]

[ January 22, 2016 | Filming 100 Hummingbirds w/ Jess X. Chen]







So tremendously honored to be casted and acting in a short film by Jess X. Chen! 72 hours i LA and that means desert shots, intimate bedroom spooning out, and so many tacos! what wonder it is to work and collaborate with QTPOC and disabled community. It is already so beautiful and I cannot wait for the world to witness this new artwork!

via the marvelous poet, & artist force, Jess X. Chen:
“Sitting next to two of my favorite activists/poets and cuties in the world @thesoniag and @brownroundboi (the actors) after a directing workshop with @jar.key and myself. The magical queer migrant love short film is in process in Los Angeles and I’m so humbled and moved. We are shooting today and tomorrow in Hollywood (LOL) and the Mohave desert. I am so grateful to everyone who has come out to support the creation and conception of this journey. Let’s bring queer people of color, disabled trans people of color, queer migrants and their vibrant dreaming to the big screen! #QPOC #jessxchen #soniaguinansaca#kaybarrett #film #actress
 — with Kay Ulanday Barrett and Sonia Guiñansaca in Los Angeles, California.”

[January 19, 2016 | Beyond A Dream – Feature & Workshop Highline College]

[January 19, 2016 | Beyond A Dream – Feature & Workshop Highline College]

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.11.05 PM