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[November 2, 2015 | Carleton College!!]

[November 2, 2015 | Carleton College!!]

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1) dessert bar aka midwest glory. belly, be careful!

2) [Description: view of a pair of light brown #oxfords, plum shirt, & black cane standing at the #sidewalk with fall #leaves on the ground.] #Morning walk & #meditation on release, #arawngmgapatay & a year in retrospect reminds: “Everything passes. Nobody gets anything for keeps. And that’s how we’ve got to live.” via #murakami  

3) Cc: @_katttryn_@jkhogon@chachamix giving grimy. yooo cue when the #qtpoc campus org asks all the questions re: #queer justice, #disabilityjustice, children of migrant family perspectives, etc. Special thanks for my homes & fam, @ekumar81 for #carletoncollege support. Fam collaborations are the best. 

4) a.) “Hey bro, can I use your bathroom? I just got a new tattoo and it needs cleaning.” b.)”We’re invisible man. Let’s get on that motherfucking board. I’m taking a picture!” — @ekumar81

5) This is my meetings & rehearsal view outside. So scary & pretty these institutions can be. 

6) [description: a blue malong shows #shrimp & vegetable #tempura#seaweed salad, and various #maki rolls ready for feasting.] In Northfield, #Minnesota for my performance at Carleton College tomorrow. In the middle of Midwest quiet, pitch black skies, cricket sounds. My altar is up & #ArawNgMgaPatay/Day of the dead feels lonelier this year, feels inward. This isn’t the first time I’m channeling ancestors in the middle of Amerika. #sushi #dinner #youareSObrave