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[ August 10, 2016: Sogumi, Shalforoosh, Marciano, Barrett]

[ August 10, 2016: Sogumi, Shalforoosh, Marciano, Barrett]

Shouts out to Berl’s Poetry Shop and for an incredible set of poets of color and women
sharing their guts and moxy. I had a lovely time and was so thankful to celebrate
my night before surgery performing poetry!


[ June 26, 2016: Trans Day of Action, NYC.]

[ June 26, 2016: Trans Day of Action, NYC.]


Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.22.21 AM


[Description: 1) a brown round queer as gnc person holds a colorful placard on a orange & purple floral malong. They have a MCS mask on and are holding their cane as they sit. It is very sunny on a park bench. 2) three trans & gnc brown people sit on a bench during #tdoa2016. They range in size, style, gender, skin shade, & spirit & still oddly have similar hairstyles. To the left, @gelenifontaine wears a stripped green & blue shirt with placard, “Honor Sick & #Disabled Trans & #Queer People of Color.” In the middle, @amitaswadhin wears a black T-shirt that reads “Demilitarize the Police.” I wear a placard “Brown Trans Disabled Liberation #sdqtpoc” & hold my cane.]
To fam, to trans & gnc #spoonies of color! #qtpoc #gendernonconforming #tdoa #transpeopleofcolor #nyc #transdayofaction #qpoc #sickanddisabledqueers #demilitarizepride

[March 23, 2016 | Performance @ Haverford College]

[March 23, 2016 | Performance @ Haverford College]

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.51.32 PM

[Description: an illustration by @rommyyy123 is on a purple flyer with bold letters that say, “Kay Ulanday Barrett” March 23-24, Haverford College. The design is in magenta, blue, and black.] What’s good Philly area?! Spring #youareSObrave16 tour takes me to you. I’m going to feature at #HaverfordCollege tonight and tomorrow, a workshop on ableism 101.


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.25.12 PM
[Description: a brown round boi with glasses and gray vest sits and performs in front of an audience silhouette.] Props to Hartford’s Women’s Center/@hcwomensctr for hosting me so gloriously & to @queerbrujx for all his coordination & planning magic.


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.25.23 PM

[Description: one brown #boi with #beard & glasses smiles holding a green poster with text & illustration. His arm is around a shorter brown round boi with glasses who wears a gray vest.] Joyful gratitude to @queerbrujxfor being marvelous (per usual) as fam and as a host at @hcwomensctr at #HaverfordCollege! Your energy radiates, supports, & collaborates in ways that are sheer blessings. Thank you for your insights & thanks to the women’s center for being an amazing audience & workshop crew. 



Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.26.02 PM

[Description: brown round boi cane user wears a three piece #suitwith purple black patterned #bowtie & black leather #fitted hat. They wear an amethyst #crystal via @gyngerprynce.] #TransCrushTuesday? Me & my astrological forecast via @chaninicholas#Virgo – “Understanding the internal signals that get set off when life happens around us can help us to lead lives that are self-directed instead of being about simply surviving.”

[March 3, 2016 | Keynote @ UC Riverside Trans* Asterisk Conference ]

[March 3, 2016 | Keynote @ UC Riverside Trans* Asterisk Conference ]

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 5.54.48 PM

Trans* Asterisk Conference proved to be amazing… and then a white person fucked it up. As it happens and happens too often. But before I touch on white supremacy at it again, I will say that TPOC and Trans People of Color show me such bountiful sweetness. I will say that SDQT love is a thriving marvelous critical place. I will finally say that I am thankful for everyone at UCR, Nancyjean for all her efforts in coordination, Toi for the food and logistical care, and Megan for getting us performers safely to the stage and to our homes.  Love to students DJ, Alix, & Cloud for taking such awesome care and tapping into legit access care all conference.

Now, with all Trans People of Color as features, plenary, and performers, it was something rejuvenating and illuminating. Jade Phoenix Martinez was a touching and riveting performer, channeling Trans women of color with honor and presence. Jennicet Eva Gutiérrez was a poignant speaker talking about the impact of US government on undocumented LGBTQ community, namely sharing reasons behind her action at the White House. My feature performance risked questions again on labor, productivity and ableism in our trans communities. The APIA Queer and Trans Caucus was a tender strategic space, where disability and mental disabilities, as well as anti-black racism, invisibility, and migrant issues. I was floored by the thoughtful conversations in the room. Last evening,  Jade Hambaro and Chella Isabel Marie Coleman wowed and impressed the crows with some savvy and Trans centered comedy via Peacock Rebellion. Their material made people deliciously uncomfortable and centered Trans Black and Brown women insights. Cue white person with dreadlocks. When a white person culturally appropriates Black culture, Black community have  right to respond and Brown POC community must support that. Dear white person: don’t come out your mouth and disrespect a Black person, especially Black Trans women when she critiques your embodied culture vulture behavior.

To the ‪#‎asteriskconference2016‬, thank you for this time, particularly the work of Trans & GNC People of Color that honor legacy of those before us & make movements to uplift our complex powerful communities beyond scarcity. Every workshop, caucus, lunch break, we mourned a loss, AND for every second we hold eachother comes a shift in this hateful world, comes bounty & beauty. It was an honor to show up for ‪#‎SDQTPOC‬ wobbly gnc poor nerdy community. We are the apocalypse! We will show up & through!

Over all, I genuinely felt cared for and loved reminded again that our communities are combatting cissexism in the world and in our own queer communities. Now, whiteness tries to take over everything, but Black Indigeous and POC are (and have) boundlessly shown grace and pivotal social, political, and cultural strategy. Never forget that. Thank you dear conference and wonderfully passionate students for these reminders. You keep me alive. You help me remember our trancestors and what I’m here to do.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 6.19.56 PM

[Description: Two fat trans gnc queers, one white and one brown/black with glasses pose with a brown round boi in the sun.]


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 6.20.22 PM

[a trans asian (the innovative, Ryka Aoki) woman sitting on a stage hods a microphone
and wears glasses and purple, she’s talking and smiling.]

[February 3, 2016 | Top Surgery & Gender Affirmation, K stylez.]

[February 3, 2016 | Top Surgery & Gender Affirmation, K stylez.]

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.39.39 AM

  • brownroundboi [Description: a brown round boi with glasses wears a hospital gown before his top surgery. They take a selfie. ]

    On my way to my gender affirmation surgery!!! Many feelings of nervousness , excitement, worry and joy. 
    Before she asks me my name or what surgery I’m having, before she watches the slope of a signature, the nurse asks me where I’m from, am I from the Philippines? When I answer ‘yes, my family is’ semi-formally in Tagalog, her face perks up. More questions– do I have any more piercings? Where’s your family from? What language do you speak? Lastly, she reads paperwork after clearing her throat, the syllables like an assured announcement: ‘FTM top surgery…’ From this she looks up & smiles with a ‘please sign here.’ In my gown, as beeping & footsteps hum in the background, I give my chest a pep talk, an (un)grateful farewell. it’s not a talking to, just resolution. It’s a basic goodbye. The kind of honorable
    glare you give a worthy opponent, a cordial enemy, a family member you acknowledge between battles where love isn’t exactly the word you’d ever use. To long-awaited pivots of the body & spirit! To my sweet care team in FL., bae 
    @thesoniag, homey @cheffresh82 , & fam on call, @whatsmanishdoing . Thank you @aemiliusmilo_ramirez for holding me, for @rommyyy123 being on dog uncle committee, @gelenifontaine for medicine & daily affirmations. Thank you to every person who posted, donated, sent intentions, & care my way. Community uplift & interdependence are real. I’m getting a surgery I actually deserve! Soon, dear body: we’ll be something more familiar & maybe even surprising? Yes, let’s do this….
    #qtpoc #transmanofcolor #sdqtpoc #artist#kstopsurgery
    #gendernonconforming#garramone #ftm

[December 15, 2015 | NIIC, Culture/Strike Artist Convening 2015]

[December 15, 2015 | NIIC, Culture/Strike Artist Convening 2015]

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.32.39 PM

[Description: a range of artists pose for a group photo, they range in size, trace, gender, security, ability, diaspora, citizenship status, style, & spirit. A banner at the center has a blue hummingbird & says “Black & Brown Freedom Over Profit.”] Via @culturestrike: “Today we successfully convene over a dozen #artists as part of the #NYC#UntilWeAreAllFree #Artist Caucus to discuss cultural strategy, & visionary work around mass incarceration and mass detention. From established to emerging artist, #qtpoc#woc#Black#afrolatina#Trans#undocumented, to #API, to #emcees#musicians#poets#comedians, to #filmmakers. These area some of the brilliant artists (to name a few): @brooklynwala @frisly, Marlène Cancio, @miguelluciano_ny, Fernanda Espinoza, @ucancallmela@brownroundboi@theearthwarrior@tesfayetra, Caits Meissner, @chayo56. A big shout out to our partner @artchangeus (Roberta Uno), who we co-planned this caucus with #racialjustice #migrantrights#art #art4 #AllFree




Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.11.29 PM

[Description: banners hang with blue hummingbirds & a sun, with black text reads “our hearts & dreams transcend borders & bars” + “black & brown freedom over profit” + “turn on the mic.” Below is a badge that reads Kay Ulanday Barrett #arts caucus with @culturestrike] part of the #NIIC conference. Thanks to @thesoniag & @favianna1 for this convening. With @tesfayetra @marinlidowatts @brooklynwala @miguelluciano, ny @ty_ushka @ucancallmeLA @theearthwarrior & many others across the u.s. empire! 

[December 1, 2015 | NPR, Our Queer Stories Feature]

[December 1, 2015 | NPR, Our Queer Stories Feature]

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.18.31 PM[Description: a photo of a brown boi with glasses & cane smirks in NYC. Text reads “what racial, disability, & LGBTQ justice have in common.”] Posted by ourqueerstoriesQDM & NPR. Originally by PBS NewsHour. Saw this tweeted & posted today with no actual cited source. Strange things on the interwebz. #racialjustice#kaybarrett #gendernonconforming#transpeopleofcolor 

#transmanofcolor#qtpoc #sdqtpoc

[November 24, 2015 | Race Forward & Intersectionality Interview]

[November 24, 2015 | Race Forward & Intersectionality Interview]



[Description: A gold sign that reads 1800 has two signs underneath. on top “race forward” & on bottom “COLORLINES”.] currently doing an interview for #raceforward with the lovely & wise, Kat Lazo & brilliant Jay Smooth! Y’know me chattering on disability & trans things. Lunch time talks go in! #qtpoc #sickanddisabledqueers #intersctionality#woc #qpoc #racialjustice


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.10.58 PM

[Description: three various people of color range in gender, sexuality, size, skin shade, and spirit. They pose for a selfie.] when I was interviewed by @theekatsmeoww & @jsmooth995 for #RaceForward‘s feature on #intersectionality. I chatted on about #transjustice & #dissbilityjustice. Such a nerdy, critical, dope time! Check out the series, #RaceAnd launch at the end of this year. #racialjustice #racism #poc #qtpoc#sdqtpoc #kaybarrett #previously.

[November 12, 2015 | you are SO Brave 2015 Tour: Mn. & LA!]

[November 12, 2015 | you are SO Brave 2015 Tour: Mn. & LA!]


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.44.44 PM

[Dearest twin cities & LA: you are wonderful for holding, laughing, building jokes, quiet, mourning. Bless the aches over tabletops & slow spoons. Thank you for the humility, for opening your heart time and time again to a wary stranger with his weird poems. My belly is humming so much with gratitude. I’m closer to trans justice, chosen family, ocean calling, collaborations, and care. Shouts to my bro fam longstanding, Elakshi Kumar. Big care & spoons to Kiyaan Abadani for all his uncanny spoon coordination. Yiming Sophia Swee for hosting home so amazingly, Andre Leneal Gardner being my fam light love, & Ezak Perez for grounding space in trans community to hold home & history.
[description: a brown round boi in patterns & fitted sips juice.]




Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.36.23 PM
[Description: brown round #gendernonconforming boi with glasses performs poetry while sitting down. Their hair is spiky & they appear to have all the feels. Below them is their favorite gold & purple #malong.] #tbt to #GenderJusticeLA dopeness with trans & gnc #poc westcoast way. “Sit down & keynote: a sick brown trans reclamation.”



Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.33.34 PM

[Description: a group of queer, transgender, black, indigenous, & people of color give saucy faces. They range in size, skin tone, gender, ability, & spirit.] University of Minnesota crowd brought this and it was glorious. Cc: Fayise Mohamed Ahmed Abrahim. — Calista AdeboyeTensae HailuKay Ulanday BarrettBree Zimmerman and Tori Hong.



Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.33.19 PM

[Description: a group of #qtpoc pose for a group photo with various style, spirits, gender, size, & sexuality with serious grumpy faces.] Cc: KE MelendezJoshua KwanTumi Akin-DekoChantal Figueroa giving grimy. yooo when the qtpic campus org asks all the questions re: queer justice, #disability justice, children of migrant family perspectives, etc. Special thanks for my homes & fam, Elakshi Kumar for #carletoncollege support. Fam collaborations are the best. — with Joshua KwanTumi Akin-DekoKE Melendez and Chantal Figueroa.



Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.34.45 PM

[Description: a #queer asian woman of color sits next to her child in a chinese restaurant. They sit at a table full of food.] This was my #midwest going away committee! Thanks Chong & Cherish for all the food, fly conversation, and patience! Cherish: I want to be a mermaid!! (pulls Chong’s hand towards giant fountain) Come with me, let’s go! Oh, Twin Cities how you swoon me with your foods & midwest family! 



Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.39.04 PM

1) “You know, my gender swung from boi femme to ho femme.” 2) “Let’s talk about how this shit socially & legally informs ableism.” 3) “Bring me the deranged. Give it to me, but be accountable of that shit.” — Kiyaan Abadani.

This is the first face I see in LA. [Description: a fat queer irooni swana boi with black fitted & piercings wears various silver necklaces. He smiles in a restaurant.]  — with Kiyaan Abadani.



Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.47.14 PM

via amitaswadhin we don’t need no filter. #SDQTPOC ???
Sick & Disabled Queer Transgender People of Color Dinner in LA!