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Areas of Interest

Movement Building, Cultural Work, Community Art & Performance; Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality, and Disability; Disability Justice; Asian Pacific-Islander American Culture; Mixed/Hapa issues; Queer & Transgender Justice; Critical Food Issues; Poor & Working Class perspectives.

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Workshop facilitator

Keynote speaker



Skype & video  talk
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Recent Keynotes & Workshops

AHEAD Conference 2017
Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair 2017
Creating Change 2017
Lambda Literary Review Day Governor’s Island 2017
Lesbians of Color Symposium 2017
Lincoln Center Forum 2017
Thinking Its Presence 2017
Queer Students of Color Conference 2017
Gay Straight Alliance Summit of PA 2016
Just Food Conference 2016
Northeast Queer, Transgender, POC Conference 2016
New York City Poetry Festival
Queer, Ill, & Okay Festival 2016
Allied Media Conference 2015
Queer People of Color College Conference 2015
Southern Human Rights Organizers Conference 2015
INCITE! Color Of Violence 2015
Queer Survival Economics Conference 2015
Asian Desi Pacific Islander Freedom School 2014
IvyQ Conference, Princeton University 2014
QPOCC Conference UCLA 2013
Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference 2013
Philadelphia Trans Health Conference 2013
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Liberation Shows Up!: Ableism 101 (intro to Disability Justice)

This workshop dares us to understand and adore our whole selves. Being Disabled, Sick, Chronically Ill, Deaf, and/or being Brilliant/Crazy are often understood as flaws. Also as a Queer and a Person of Color, you ultimately survive struggle heightened by ableism. The truth is, we face all struggles simultaneously! Paying homage to audre lorde: “I do not believe in single-issue politics, because we do not live single-issue lives,” Participants will discuss avenues of critical intersections as brown, poor, trans, immigrant, disabled, other. How do competition and respectability politics impose ableism on our actions, our lives? How do we embrace a politic that doesn’t isolate or accommodate, but engages everyday movements to show up for everyone? How can we come to a place of honoring ourselves fully? You are invited to embrace our sexy, complicated, sacred, powerful, and amazing lineage as an SDQ (Sick & Disabled Queer). Everyone is encouraged to participate, but priority will be offered to those who live with SDQ (Sick & Disabled Queer/Transgender Indigenous or People of Color) experiences. Participants are asked to please bring their journals and/or writing materials.

max participants: up to 40 participants
timeframe: 2-3 hours. can be attended in sessions of 3 **

undoing to become: uplifting the body, living the word

Kay Ulanday Barrett will delve into topics of self-testimony in this interdisciplinary workshop of performance, writing, and story telling from perspectives that center QTPOC as living archive and cultural resistance. Participants will share narratives they’ve been told of truth and transformation. How do we move collectively to reclaim and invent empowering stories for stronger visions and action? How do we channel stories that impact us as surviving and communities in struggle? What does artistic prep and aftercare feel like when telling resistance stories? What does spiritual support and aftercare look like when committed to political art? Self-care is only the beginning when systemic oppression gets you hella down. Resources on self-care, Art by Queer and Transgender Black, Indigenous, and People of Color will be highlighted and explored. Workshop participants are asked to dress in comfortable clothing, and to bring their journals and/or writing materials.

max participants: 20
timeframe: 1.5 hours

discovering your move(meants)

This workshop is focussed on artistic journeys, not outcomes or polished performance art, not a big campaign win. Participants are asked to dress comfortably and bring ideas of whatever political “movement” comes to mind. Cultural work incites all parts of us– mind, body, spirit. Goals here are not an askewed sense of wellness, but being a conduit for a connected work. Symbiosis with your ancestors, your lineage, and your current art and political practice will be highlighted here. We will create safer space as participants play with movement, text, confession, and performance. Create reflection and social movement in your storytelling! Take stock of your tools and share resources for political support! Interdependence isn’t a buzzword, it’s real life.

max participants: 20
timeframe: 1.5- 2 hours

WE fight back!

Learn how your voice & body can control situations that are threatening or dangerous. unfortunately the of color &/or queer community are constantly facing violence– whether in our homes or streets. We will review basic strikes, blocks, kicks, and verbal techniques to help us engage our spirits towards confidence. Uplift yourself & come dressed in comfortable clothing.

Kay Barrett is a 2nd degree blackbelt in tae kwon do & has trained for over 12 years. As a former instructor & coach, Kay now concentrates on primarily of color, LGBTQQ, & youth community-based social justice self-defense/martial arts.

max participants: 30
timeframe: 2- 2.5 hours


Access Information & Requests

In order that folks (including the facilitator) to be able to attend without throwing up, getting sick, and having to leave, please come fragrance free. Information about how to do this can be found below.

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