To kick off my tour this month…

To kick off my tour this month…

[Description: three various bois/transmasculine/gender queer people with an array of brownness and blackness stand together. They have various dapper & styled aesthetics. They reach have cute smily faces.]

To kick off my tour this month, I was hosted by Jourdan (left) & Maya (right) yesterday at Columbia University’s Queer Awareness Month’s Opening Reception! Not in the photo is Jess, an awesome undergrad who also organized the event!!! I had such a wonderful time talking on whiteness, anti-black racism, #disabilityjustice, diasporic longing, & more! After my keynote, people were incredibly welcoming with thoughtful questions and even more conversation, we were kicked out the venue!
— with Jourdan Sayers and @Maya Nikki Glover

— with Kay Ulanday Barrett and 2 others.

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