When The Chant Comes

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Big thanks to every editor, writing circle, stage, & LJ post that bright this gift to me. The biggest props to designer & illustrator, Karen Campos Castilllo for this swoony cover art.

“This item will be released on September 5, 2016. Kay Ulanday Barrett has been bringing his unique poetry to audiences for over a decade, unpicking vital political questions around race, sickness and disability and gender, and chronicling the everydayness of life in the U.S. Empire with humor, poignancy and inimitable vitality.

Now at last a generous selection of his work will be available in print. Each of these poems is a brilliant little story. Taken together, they show a master craftsman at the top of his game. Pre-order them now.” — TopsidePress.

[Description: book cover in hues of blue and purple ombre that shift in gradation. There are two hands raised to the title in silver and white waves. “When The Chant Comes” reads in purple bold capital letters.]